⭐️ Learn how to help people stabilize and strengthen their circadian rhythms.
🌟 This is the living annotated bibliography for Brighter Days, Darker Nights.
⭐️ Here's an experiment in rhythmicity you can try tonight.
🪶 And our homes are different, too.
🪶 What might an informed interior designer say about making your home more circadian-effective?
🪶 I am an antioxidant synthesized in darkness from tryptophan and serotonin. What am I?
🪶 Tradition changes our perceptions of things from bad to good.
🪶 If you have ever awakened feeling unrested after a full night's sleep, this paper is for you.
🪶 As the days get shorter, there are still benefits to getting outside.
🪶 Chemically identical; functionally unique.
🪶 What does the full moon have in common with a single candle flame?
🪶 Together, we can reduce the global healthcare burden.