This top 75 Parenting & Health Politics publication on Substack is about creating the conditions for happier, healthier outcomes in the birthing year—in spite of the many disruptions to our Natural biological processes created by the technology employed in most mainstream maternity care (and even in our own homes and workplaces). Written by yours, truly, Nikko Kennedy, for parents and practitioners who want to improve their experiences with giving and getting pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.

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"I’m interested in learning about the best ways to bring my baby into relationship with light and water, and get myself into optimized rhythms for life.”

~ Note from Oona, paid subscriber

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"i am a birth and postpartum doula in Australia and also starting to heal my circadian rhythm, all of this information is so valuable and i hope to teach this stuff to new mums too!"

~ Note from Juliette, paid subscriber

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“Such a great first lesson! And I really appreciate the recommended reading list! My ah-ahs: the synergistic relationship of melatonin and oxytocin to support an easier labor and the importance of a strong circadian rhythm in even pair bonding and gender differentiation. My question would be so do you feel like this may be playing a role into why there is such a high divorce rates as well as this emergence of gender fluidity because our circadian balance is so skewed?”

~Comment from Lauren, Practitioner tier subscriber

About the Author

v1Nikko Kennedy, CLD, BS and mother of four

Nikko is a leading perinatal quantum biology practitioner with clients in the US, Australia, and Europe, and followed by readers and fans worldwide at her Top 75 Parenting & Health Politics publication, Brighter Days, Darker Nights on Substack. She is also a certified labor and postpartum doula with a B.S. in Biopsychology from the University of Oregon and student assistant midwife. Nikko has been exploring the big question of “how can we improve care of pregnant women and newborn babies (mother-baby)” for the past 17 years. Learn more about Nikko and book 1-1 virtual visits at nikkokennedy.com. Before launching her birth business, Nikko worked for a decade as an online marketing consultant for authors, entrepreneurs and nonprofits. She offers online wellness business and marketing coaching on a limited basis. Inquire via email below or book a meet & greet to discuss further.

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Certified labor and postpartum doula and leading perinatal quantum biology practitioner with clients in the US, Australia, Scandinavia, and Europe, followed by readers and fans worldwide.