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Replay: Circadian Babyhood Workshop

Set baby up for a lifetime of healthy circadian rhythms

A new baby’s sleep is a vital part of their health, and a powerful indication of their circadian rhythm’s health, too.

For mama to sleep better, her baby needs the most powerful circadian signals because it’s her baby’s rhythm that will determine her baby’s mood, feeding habits, elimination habits, and even their overall health.

Yet few providers have been trained to offer education on this vital part of development.

We know babies are different than grownups, and that they need to eat and feed around the clock.

But in time, all of that will change.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the stages of circadian development and how to nurture each phase to provide appropriate circadian cues within each phase.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is best done in a deliberate fashion, with key shifts in lifestyle between:

• In utero

• First 6 weeks

• First 6 months

• Mobile baby

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn what we know about optimizing environment and schedule in “normal” development so that has the cues its body is expecting to know how and when to sleep well, eat well, and eliminate well.

You’ll also get strategies to apply in “special” situations that can challenge baby’s circadian health, including:

• Latitude considerations - endless summer with little darkness? deep winter with little sun?

• Special needs - supporting NICU or long-term developmental challenges

This class is free for all paid subscribers and comes with access to the slides, citations, and a printable 1 page summary you can tape up on your fridge or desk as a reminder.

With your access, you’ll also be able to ask your questions directly to me in the community chat.

Brighter Days, Darker Nights is a reader-supported publication. This workshop is available to all paid subscribers. Thank you for supporting my work!

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