My opinion of blue blockers for families, a roundup of my Fall activities, and lots of circadian and quantum biology learning opportunities
Replay: The Surprising Good News About Sleep Interruptions in Motherhood (Oct. 18, 2023)Watch now (34 mins) | Evidence-based circadian strategies for feeling great around the clock in pregnancy and motherhood
Here are the call details for The Surprising Good News About Sleep Interruptions in Motherhood on Wednesday, Oct. 18 2023 at 10:00 am Pacific
When you can’t get 8 hours of consolidated sleep, but you still need to feel great
This is anyone’s advice, but I wrote it especially with parents and birth workers in mind
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PART THREE - A: THE BEST CIRCADIAN NIGHTTIME ENVIRONMENTWatch now (35 mins) | Learn how your ambient environment programs your circadian rhythm at night.
PART THREE - C: INDOOR ENVIRONMENTSWatch now (18 mins) | Learn how to make an indoor environment more circadian for birth and every day.
By Vanessa Baldwin, Certified Quantum Clinician & Classical Homeopath
Maternal circadian rhythms and pregnancy outcomes.Watch now | Office Hours (Wednesday, December 14th, 2022) about sleep, circadian rhythms, and pregnancy outcomes.
📱Seven places we encounter electric light.
🌟 Avoiding obstacles like FOMO, loneliness, and mania in the quest for strong circadian rhythmicity