Early life experiences can facilitate (or impede) love and labor through circadian regulatory functions
There are two main metrics for circadian rhythmicity and here’s how they apply to real life + invitation to my new reproductive health coaching program
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INTRODUCTION TO THE CIRCADIAN PREGNANCY WORKSHOPWatch now (8 mins) | Introduction to the Circadian Pregnancy Workshop, including my own healing journey and a workshop overview.
PART ONE: CIRCADIAN HEALTH IN PREGNANCYWatch now (31 mins) | Learn how good circadian rhythms contribute to the health of a pregnancy, and what this can mean across the lifespan for the baby.
PART TWO - A: NUTRITIONAL FACTORS THAT SUPPORT CIRCADIAN HEALTHWatch now (29 mins) | Learn how nutritional factors including folate, choline, DHA, magnesium, serine, Vitamin D, and zinc support the circadian rhythm.
PART THREE - A: THE BEST CIRCADIAN NIGHTTIME ENVIRONMENTWatch now (35 mins) | Learn how your ambient environment programs your circadian rhythm at night.
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