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Learn how and why time outside is imperative to circadian wellbeing.


  • Dim indoor environments lead to polyphasic sleep requirements1; but if you can’t sleep during the day, it can feel like fatigue

  • Chronotype on a populations-basis depends on time spent outside per day; on an individual basis this can vary2

    • Women in their childbearing years tend to have a later chronotype than their male counterparts

    • Gene expression frequencies vary by latitude

  • Suddenly increasing the amount of light can trigger episodes in individuals with bipolar disorder and scizophrenia3

  • Our eyes and skin have receptors that process different kinds of light to send signals throughout the body4

  • Grounding in nature (earthing) gives bioelectric information and anti-inflammatory electron resources to the body5

  • Oxidative stress = excess protons / positive charge

  • Antioxidants = free electrons / negative charge

  • Read: Cellular Hydration and Constipation in Newborn Jaundice

  • Diet and environment both contribute to oxidative balance (redox)

  • Rule of thumb: aim for 2+ hours grounding outside across th…

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