A quick quantum lesson in bioenergetics and the transformation of food (dead things) into life
This is anyone’s advice, but I wrote it especially with parents and birth workers in mind
Watch this video series to learn how to set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy circadian rhythms!
PART THREE - B: OUTOOR CIRCADIAN ENVIRONMENTSWatch now (31 mins) | Learn how and why time outside is imperative to circadian wellbeing.
Benefits of sunlight for babies, how to build a newborn solar callus, and why to question sunscreen use on babies
Accommodating the naturally pro-oxidant and inflammatory state of the first trimester
Next steps on the circadian journey, and a last-minute invitation to learn with me this weekend!
Is there a circadian flow to childbirth?
Goodbye sunscreen, hello solar callus.
🌟 Avoiding obstacles like FOMO, loneliness, and mania in the quest for strong circadian rhythmicity
🪶 As the days get shorter, there are still benefits to getting outside.
🪶 Chemically identical; functionally unique.