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Thank you for your posts! I’m a new subscriber and find them really interesting. I’m wondering if there is a specific time of year that is best for babies to be born? Animals are mostly born in spring and I’m guessing that for spring/summer babes the increased light/sun exposure is helpful ?

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Hi! Nice to meet you and thank you. There is some research around this:

-first trimester vitamin d exposure is very helpful (so getting pregnant in the Summer/Fall lands baby being born in the Spring)

-mamas who give birth in the Autumn (getting pregnant in the Winter with no UVB exposure) tend to have a higher likelihood of postpartum depression

Also, anecdotally I’ve heard from women who have had many babies that they have had the easiest time with their Spring babies! I also put together some of the research about babies and sunlight exposure here: https://open.substack.com/pub/nikkokennedy/p/babys-solar-callus?r=bz03m&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

Great question!

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