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Learn how the circadian rhythm develops in the newborn and how to provide optimal support.


  • After birth, the baby’s circadian rhythm will entrain to the mother’s circadian rhythm across the first months of life1

  • Milk from mothers with preterm babies will actually have higher melatonin than mothers with full term babies2

  • Cortisol levels are opposite of melatonin (ie, cortisol in the day and melatonin at night)

  • Mothers who pump should make sure to pump throughout the day and especially try to pump during the ~3am daily melatonin spike

    • Babies who are getting pumped milk should be given milk at a similar time of day as it was pumped to match the hormonal cues with the actual time of day3

  • Since babies don’t make melatonin, babies may rely more on social cues and daytime sunshine for their circadian timing than adults4

  • I promo my Newborn Jaundice Course

  • Q&A and stories with Ashley Spellman from the Life Spark Project, who hosted this version of the workshop with me in June, 2023

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Circadian Pregnancy Workshop
Set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy circadian rhythms! On-demand video workshop originally recorded June 17, 2023 and co-hosted by Ashley Spellman of The Life Spark Project.
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