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Learn how to make an indoor environment more circadian for birth and every day.


  • It’s not practical to be outside all the time, but there are ways to make an indoor environment give stronger circadian cues1

    • You can face furniture and workstations toward windows

    • You can open or remove blinds

    • You can choose light colored furniture and paint

    • You can remove outside objects that block light from entering windows

    • You can choose buildings/rooms with shallower floor plans

    • The most “circadian” design is the courtyard floor plan

    • You can choose buildings with a variety of window locations

    • You can open your windows and doors to let unfiltered light in

  • At night, dim, blue-blocked lights could protect circulating melatonin for nighttime activities2 (including work)

  • Lighting affects the feel of the birth suite, with orange and amber lighting being the most liked by both birth workers and birthing families (compared with either the white- or red-hued extreme)3

  • A question to ask about a birth suite: does the window open? can you access the outdoors during your stay?

  • Access to the outdoors…

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