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Learn how WHEN you eat affects how food is digested.


  • The timing of food consumption affects metabolism via the circadian rhythm1

  • Sunlight communicates with the gut to drive seasonal changes in metabolism2

  • The insulin response changes based on the ambient light3

  • Q&A: could grounding mat be helping with morning sickness?

    • Morning sickness may be caused by oxidative forces4

    • So by reducing inflammation5 (oxidative stress in the immune system), grounding could reduce morning sickness

  • Autophagy—and cellular remodeling6— is important in reproduction7

  • Autophagy in pregnancy is a newer area of research with unresolved logistical challenges8

  • Anyone working at night is likely eating both night and day = circadian mismatch9

  • A quiet, dark, night where you are fasting = supportive of autophagy10

  • The roots of preeclampsia likely begin in early pregnancy11

  • Melatonin can help balance the oxidative forces in pregnancy12

  • n-6 PUFA13 can affect blood sugar and insulin, especially long-term14

  • “Bacon cure” in the middle of the night anecdotally resolves pregnancy nausea

  • Q&A: is ther…

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Circadian Pregnancy Workshop
Set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy circadian rhythms! On-demand video workshop originally recorded June 17, 2023 and co-hosted by Ashley Spellman of The Life Spark Project.
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