Great article Nikko, as always.

I'm curious about something. I recently wrote in my article about summer fatigue and you mentioned it too in this newsletter that "A good light environment includes full-spectrum daytime sunshine as well as 10-14 hours of complete darkness at night." During these long summer day I find it hard to get enough complete darkness and it definately shows in my energy, sleep quality, and mental health. Do you have any tips and advice about this?

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Jun 19, 2023·edited Jun 19, 2023Author

Hey, that’s a great thought and yes, things are definitely different the more polar the climate. So, if you are up for (and have a schedule that allows) moving into a polyphasic sleep pattern, you can do what the animals and our ancestors did and sleep half your hours in the night and the other half around noon. I shared an anecdote about this from Jean Craighead George (author of the Julie of the Wolves series) in https://www.brighterdaysdarkernights.com/p/midnight-sun and about some of Thomas Wehr’s work on this topic in https://www.brighterdaysdarkernights.com/p/sleep.

Another strategy is to focus more in infrared light (sun below 30 degrees above the horizon or UV index 0-2), which stimulates subcellular melatonin release (as opposed to pineal melatonin release which is stimulated by darkness).

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Awesome, thank you Nikko! I've always found naps quite helpful during summer and I'll make sure to watch sunsets to get some subcellular melatonin in.

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