Feb 6, 2023Liked by Nikko Kennedy, CLD, BS

Came back to this post today and just want to say I’m grateful I found your publication. So far I’ve changed two things and my mornings are now radically different. I was turning off multiple alarms in the morning and falling asleep between them, even if they were five minutes apart. I was also having lucid dreams, lucid nightmares, and mild sleep paralysis between 6am and 8am. I’ve changed my evening lighting to all dim and warm (only candlelight in the bathroom past sunset), and I sleep with a blackout mask. I’m suddenly, consistently waking up around 6:45am clear headed and not falling back asleep immediately. It is a *joy*.

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Wow! That is an amazing testimonial to the power of our environments. Thank you for sharing, Ema. May your joyful mornings continue!

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