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Replay: Creating Digital Workflows

Ten strategies for building a business mindset that can identify and implement workflows | Recorded Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2024

This event was all about creating digital workflows, and the mental frameworks I have used to get better at using workflow thinking in order to create this publication and my 1-1 consulting business. For those who are just here for the circadian and quantum content, don’t worry—I’ll be back to that soon! I created this class by request from within our community from those who know (or who have learned) that I spent nearly a decade as an online marketing manager before I went into birth work and started Brighter Days, Darker Nights.

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How to cultivate a mindset that can have fun identifying, implementing and improving digital workflows:

  1. Pop out into a mile-high view, third person, on a regular basis. This is like mindfulness in meditation, but applied to your work activities.

  2. Periodically list your activities. This list may be much bigger or smaller than you realize. Revisit this over time with the ideas below in mind.

  3. Periodically list your outcomes. It usually takes many activities to lead to a fewer number of outcomes. Goals are usually around the outcomes, rather than the activities. However, the activities are needed to get to the outcomes, therefore goals with regard to activities are kind of like experiments to see how they affect the outcomes.

  4. Notice repetition. Streamlining repetitive tasks usually pays off well in the long run.

  5. Notice recurring problems. Getting ahead of problems with better workflows is much more fun and pleasant than chasing after problems. You CAN get out of the adrenaline+cortisol+stress cycle (addiction!?) so you don’t burn out later on.

  6. Cut corners if doing so sparks joy for you. Have a task you dislike? Find a way to get rid of it!

  7. Maximize your outputs by repurposing your work. Your effort is valuable! Finding ways to use the same effort for multiple outcomes is powerful type of workflow. For example, a client consultation follow-up email can turn into a blog post series which can turn into multiple social media posts which can turn into even more blog posts which will attract more clients interested in this topic which will lead to more client consultations which leads to more follow up emails leads to… and so on.

  8. Be deliberate about your order of operations. This is “low-hanging fruit,” ie, an easy change to make. Can you keep everything exactly the same as far as what you do, but do things in a different order to get a better result? This kind of workflow update can smoothen out thought-flows and help you better attend to your emotional energy. It can also help you avoid little problems that are annoying but not a “big deal” and reduce time going back and forth or switching between tasks over and over.

  9. Find the right mindset/teammate for the job. Generally entrepreneurs are more of creative visionaries or executive powerhouses (one of my former clients suggests there are actually 4 entrepreneurial archetypes and they made a quiz to help you find insight into your strengths, as well as what kinds of people/mindsets you might want to partner with to round out your team). You can build on multiple skillsets but usually people are more happy in their sweet zone.

  10. Know when to schedule vs automate vs delegate. Scheduling is cheapest, followed by automation, and getting human support is the most expensive. In situations of delegation it needs to be crystal clear where decision-making authority lies. Another good practice when working with teammates is to not only delegate, but also to ask them to apply their human mind to their job: ask them to look for ways the tasks could be made better. Work with them in continually improving their workflows.

After this talk, we moved into chatting about more specific tools and workflow ideas.

Here are some of the software tools I recommended based on the questions:

Streak CRM for Gmail:

Copper CRM for Gmail:

Dubsado CRM with Client Portal:

Buffer Scheduler for Social Media:

Whereby Video Conferencing:

Substack Social Network, Website/Blog, Email Newsletter, Subscription/Membership:

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