Perinatal Mental Health

by Dr. Kelli Ritter, PhD, LPC, FNTP, CRNC
Watch this video series to learn how to set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy circadian rhythms!
PART THREE - A: THE BEST CIRCADIAN NIGHTTIME ENVIRONMENTWatch now (35 mins) | Learn how your ambient environment programs your circadian rhythm at night.
PART THREE - C: INDOOR ENVIRONMENTSWatch now (18 mins) | Learn how to make an indoor environment more circadian for birth and every day.
PART FOUR: POSTNATAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE CIRCADIAN RHYTHMWatch now (15 mins) | Learn how the circadian rhythm develops in the newborn and how to provide optimal support.
by Heather Crimson, MS, LMFT, Circadian Clinician, Classical Homeopath
Circadian Entropy, Causality in Research, and Chronotherapies for Mental Illness
Goodbye sunscreen, hello solar callus.