Maternal circadian rhythms and pregnancy outcomes.

Workshop Teaser | All about sleep, circadian rhythms, and pregnancy outcomes.

Today’s discussion is going to give you another preview of a sleep workshop I am creating for parents (current, expecting and hopeful). The first workshop date is getting really close, and is looking to be sometime towards the end of January. I will let you know!

Exciting update! The recording of the full circadian pregnancy workshop will soon be available to all paid subscribers! Upgrade to get access as soon as it is released:

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Welcome to today’s Office Hours for Brighter Days, Darker Nights

I’ve invited you and all subscribers to talk here about how sleep affects pregnancy and postpartum wellbeing. This video will give an overview of research I have found relating to:

  1. Differences between sleep habits of men and women across the lifespan

  2. How circadian disruption affects the leading cause of infertility in th US

  3. How melatonin…

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