Newborn Care

Replay: The Surprising Good News About Sleep Interruptions in Motherhood (Oct. 18, 2023)Watch now (34 mins) | Evidence-based circadian strategies for feeling great around the clock in pregnancy and motherhood
Do better for babies with jaundice by accounting for redox, utilizing sunshine and grounding, and educating families during pregnancy
INTRODUCTION TO THE CIRCADIAN PREGNANCY WORKSHOPWatch now (8 mins) | Introduction to the Circadian Pregnancy Workshop, including my own healing journey and a workshop overview.
PART FOUR: POSTNATAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE CIRCADIAN RHYTHMWatch now (15 mins) | Learn how the circadian rhythm develops in the newborn and how to provide optimal support.
Benefits of sunlight for babies, how to build a newborn solar callus, and why to question sunscreen use on babies
Newborn vs adult rhythms, the circadian programming of disease, and hope for a brighter future for all ages.