Mythic Self Care for Birth Workers

Replay of a talk I gave inside Indie Birth’s Doula Academy

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It was such a huge honor to be invited to teach inside of Indie Birth’s Doula Academy. They have been very influential on my recent motherhood journey as well as my journey as a birth worker. Indie Birth has a theme of marrying the sacred and the scientific in their programs, and to that end, I added some of the mythology and mystical experiences that have inspired my work with integrating circadian and quantum biology with prenatal education.

All of the educational offerings from Indie Birth are delivered inside of their social network, which is free to join. I highly recommend it as a place to meet smart mothers and birth workers. I have not taken the doula program, but I have taken 4 of their other courses inside of the social network, and can’t say enough good things about it. Here’s where you can join: Indie Birth: Bringing magic to midwifery and sovereign birth.

Since I added some bits of my own personal (unverified) gnosis and mythology interests to this talk, I am very excited to be able to share the replay with you here.

My efforts as a whole are driven by a divine vision and mission for how I uniquely see the path of solar worship (and respect of solar darkness) as a key to restoring natural birth for women today and into the future generations.

Maybe it just comes from being named after the Bodhisattva of Sunlight?

Like I shared earlier, this isn’t something I have publicly taught before, so I’m also feeling a little bit vulnerable and nervous about putting this out.

Through all of these posts and efforts with Brighter Days, Darker Nights, I have been working to elucidate something that came in a single flash of understanding that came from a moment of spiritual illumination.

It was about the connection to the solar path and that it is what is missing in all of our live life, but to me, is most especially missing in modern birth work, pregnancy care, and labor suites/birth centers.

The science validates this in light of the recent discoveries of the interconnections between the circadian rhythm, melatonin, endocrine and redox and how they relate to all the processes of pregnancy and birth—as you can read in the archive, I have written this message dozens and dozens of times. Still, I do not yet feel I have successfully communicated the full vision.

Mythology and science both offer lenses from which to better understand the great human dichotomies we all face: day and night, sun and moon, summer and winter, and ultimately, life and death.

Harmonizing the cues that prime the circadian rhythm to orchestrate our bodily processes each day are a way to fill ourselves with the utmost power and energy available on our planet.

Through animism—something I have found to best describe the living universe—we are presented the ability to build personal relationships in the natural world.

You won’t find animism so explicitly stated in any of my earlier works.

Like so many of the minds in the field of quantum biology, I am looking for explanations of the things we experience but don’t have mainstream explanations for.

Opening up to building personal relationships in the natural world is something I have been quietly saying in all my work, but here in this class I started (clumsily) to figure out how better to weave in this message by bringing in some ancient ways people viewed the sun, the moon, and the need to stay connected to the natural world.

So, if syncretic solar and lunar mythology is interesting to you, you may enjoy this class and Q&A where I share about how I discovered Heqet, the Egyption goddes of late stage childbirth, who became known as the Resurrection in Christian times, and came to serve her mission of magically hastening the end of chidbirth and removing the pain.

Midwives in her time were known as “Servants of Heket”, and though I am not yet a midwife in any kind of modern, clinical sense, I deeply feel the “with women”ness of my soul-calling to make birth better for babies as well and at the same time, serving a higher energy of birth work that transcends any particular woman, while yet including each.

Here are the slides from the talk:

Mythic Self Care For Indie Birth By Nikko Kennedy
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You may also enjoy my recent podcast with Maible of Wise Birth Radio, who I met in the Indie Birth social network and who was gracious enough to have me on her podcast and who is also an active member of our community here at Brighter Days, Darker Nights:

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