Lesson 04: Men’s reproductive health and circadian disruption

Lesson 04 in The Circadian and Quantum Childbearing Year all about how circadian disruption upsets health and interferes with the male reproductive system

This video learning shares how the common chronic health conditions we introduced in last week directly interfere with male reproductive health.

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The first two lessons in this section covered circadian health, and how healthy circadian rhythms support reproductive function in women and men. Then last week we talked about how circadian disruption negatively affects female reproductive health and overall health.

Circadian disruption and male infertility

Today’s lesson dives even deeper into male reproductive health that we started last month with the video and reading about how a healthy circadian rhythm supports healthy male physiology across the lifespan.

By the end of this, you will be able to see and talk about the links between the circadian disruption and reproductive challenges to reproductive health specific to men—namely hormones and spermatogenesis.

The circadian rhythm is primarily entrained by the light/dark cycle and the feeding/fasting cycle.

Here are the slides:

Circadian Disruption Male Infertility Pdf
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And below, find starting points for your optional extended learning activities. Dive into one or more of the listed co-morbidities. These are all commonly diagnosed with male infertility.

Homework and extended learning activities:

This is an iterative learning process we are embarking on in the Circadian and Quantum Birth Community.

Right now, we are in the section dedicated to circadian rhythmicity.

Next, we will lay the foundation for understanding how quantum biology also regulates to these systems.

Then we will put it all together and look in detail at each step of the childbearing process.

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Self evaluation for current members

Take a minute to check in with yourself. How is this information landing?

If you are feeling like this is all a little simple and easy, great! You have a strong foundation for this material and probably have a lot to share with this community. You can up the level of challenge by going deeper into the extended learning activities.

If this is feeling a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. As we go on, the language and concepts will become more familiar until it all eventually forms a clear map in your mind. Focus more on the first learning option below, and don’t be shy about asking clarifying questions in the chat.

Deepen your learning experience by completing the optional extended activities below:

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