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Lesson 1: Circadian Rhythm and Women’s Reproductive Health

How a healthy circadian rhythm supports reproductive health in women

Homework (optional):

  1. Today: then leave a comment with a quick summary, aha-moment, and something that sparked your curiosity relating to how circadian rhythms influence healthy reproduction for women.

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  1. Across the next two weeks: read or skim the recommended reading and create a short writeup, video, or audio clip of yourself sharing a research summary of one of the articles, an aha-moment, or a wellness tip relating to this topic. Email it to me for feedback, or upload it to social media and tag me (or add me as a collaborator) to cross-network and build awareness of this information within our online communities.

  2. Like this post to mark it as complete when you have finished.

Recommended reading for this lesson:

  1. Androulakis I. P. (2021). Circadian rhythms and the HPA axis: A systems view.WIREs mechanisms of disease, 13(4), e1518.

  2. Russel J Reiter (1998) Melatonin and human reproduction, Annals of Medicine, 30:1, 103-108, DOI: 10.3109/07853899808999391

  3. Reiter, R…

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