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Lesson 07: Quantum Biology’s Role in Women’s Reproductive Dysfunction

New quantum information: types of communication, lack of communication, interference from emfs and modern chemicals, and how it all contributes to the crosstalk in reproduction

Today, we continue our introduction to Quantum Biology and in this case, we are going to look at problems that can arise in the reproductive process when quantum communication is weak or interfered with.

Today’s lesson centers on quantum communication and how missing or disturbed quantum signaling (crosstalk) may contribute to problems in women’s health and particularly fertilization, implantation, pregnancy, and birth.

When it comes to weak quantum communication, this essentially comes from a lack of sunlight frequencies and a lack of earthing.

In terms of quantum interference, that comes from modern chemicals we get exposed to that cause mitochondrial damage, and electromagnetic frequencies outside of the healthy infrared, visible, and ultraviolet frequencies we talked about in the first section.

Note: We could also talk about signals from food and endocrine disruptors here. For the sake of time and clarity, I put the food signaling section into Lesson 14 (coming out in May 15, 2024),…

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