Lesson 06: Quantum Biology and Men’s Reproductive Health

Quantum biology recap, male reproductive physiology overview, redox and antioxidant deep dive, lifestyle tips, work tips, recommended reading and optional learning activities
This lesson is about how quantum health supports the ability to become a father

Today we continue our initial tour of how quantum biology affects reproductive health with an overview of male reproductive physiology, followed by a deep dive into redox and the endogenous antioxidants (particularly melatonin, glutathione, and bilirubin), followed by how electrons absorbed through earthing and grounding can act as electrons to balance redox. Last, we revisit some lifestyle choices daily and at large that can support quantum health.

Here are the slides:

Lesson 06 Quantum Biology In Men’s Reproductive Health
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Optional learning activities:

  • Write a quick summary of what you learned, any “aha” moments, and/or something that sparked your curiosity (leave it as a comment on this lesson post if you want)

  • Find and share a research paper or review related to a topic that interests you in male reproductive physiology and explain how it ties back to quantum biology

  • Track your outdoor time for 1 week (try the 1000 Hours Outside app if you like) - how many hours…

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