It does more than Vitamin D.
Learn how to use the natural light cycle to optimize your family's sleep and set the stage for healthy circadian rhythms from pre-conception through old…
What we did while the utilities were out, year-end reflections, and January 2023 workshop date.
Maternal circadian rhythms and pregnancy outcomes.Watch now | Office Hours (Wednesday, December 14th, 2022) about sleep, circadian rhythms, and pregnancy outcomes.
So is it a lie that cortisol is bad?
Trusting cortisol by understanding its broad functions across body and mind.
The awakening response, cortisol slopes, and how cortisol *should* look around the clock
Falling asleep on timeWatch now (5 min) | Office Hours (Wednesday, November 16th, 2022) about light, food, and sleep.
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Brighter Days, Darker Nights